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Do you have an appointment in Northwest Clinics, location Alkmaar or location Den Helder? Then you can easily register at the sign-on pillar. With this new way of registering, you will immediately see what the waiting time is for your appointment and you will no longer have to wait in line at the desk of the department.

Our sign-on pillar
Sign-on pillar entrance hospital
Do you have an appointment? Then first report to the sign-on pillar with your identification document. This applies to the Alkmaar location and the Den Helder location:

  • Put your passport, ID card or driving licence in the card reader.
  • your appointment details will be retrieved
  • If your details are correct, print out a day ticket from the sign-on pillar, which includes, among other things:
    - QR code
    - your appointment or appointments
    - department name and house number
    - name of your healthcare provider or examination

At the entrances, hostesses and hosts are ready to help you.

Do you have a residence permit? If so, the sign-on pillar cannot read this out. Please go to the registration desk first. This can be found at the main entrances of the hospital.

Sign-on pillar at the department

  • with your day ticket you go to the department where you have your first appointment
  • At the department there is also a sign-on pillar, where you can scan the code on your day ticket.
  • on the pillar you can read which waiting room you can go to
  • the staff now knows you're in the waiting room

At the polyclinics you will find a sign with instructions.

Do you have more appointments in one day? Then scan your ticket in every department where you have an appointment.

Registration at other locations of Noordwest Clinics
The other locations of Northwest Clinics do not have a sign-on pillar. You can sign in as usual at the location in question.

What do I bring to my appointment?
Every appointment requires you to identify yourself. In addition, we always need your current medical information. Therefore, always take the following items with you:

  • valid proof of identity
  • an overview of your medicines, to be requested at your pharmacy
  • your insurance details

You can read more information at nwz.nl/to the hospital

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